te iubesc, românia

today–may 27, 2015–is the day that I leave the city I’ve spent the majority of a year in. it’s been a fantastic time, probably the best year of my life. I feel so incredibly lucky that Ive been able to have this amazing experience–there are so many people that I will never forget. (Shoutout to you guys, you know who you are.)

I hope to come back and visit this amazing country again someday. this year has absolutely shaped the rest of my life, I have no doubt.

thank you, to everyone, for everything.

te iubesc, românia. o sa ne vedem.


verb tenses suck

I have officially reached that point in the year where I no longer get asked do you like Romania?

Now its did you like Romania?



I spent the entire day making people read my history project because I made the whole thing in Romanian and I was really proud of it. (: It was about the American revolution…and I thought it was pretty good. Everyone said it was written very correctly so I was really happy with that.