on homesickness

So I have to say, homesickness hasn’t hit me as hard as I expected. I mean, I know exchange students go home sometimes because they miss it so much, but I haven’t even considered leaving early.

Maybe it’s because my mom (who is amazing) has shown me just how good this experience can be for you. (For anyone who doesn’t know, she spent her junior year in Finland.) She’s always encouraged me and I’m so lucky to have someone who went through these same experiences. (:

I don’t know, I expected it to be more difficult than it was. Actually, talking to the other girls in my city, I’ve heard the same thing from them. So, to any future exchange students reading this, don’t worry too much. You’ll miss home but it’ll be okay. (:

Anyways, I adore Romania. I feel like I am at home.

Maybe part of it is making amazing friends and meeting new people all the time. And sure, there are times when you miss chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and the places you went with your friends back home (shout out to Lizzy: the dock!!!) but at the same time it’s so worth it.


One thought on “on homesickness

  1. I’m so happy to hear that it is going well. I can’t wait until you return so that you can share your experiences with our club. We’ll have an exchange student coming in next August. I hope that she/he has the same spirit!

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