About Me

Hello! My name is Rylee and I’m really just a geek. I am going to be spending my junior year (2014-2015) in Romania.

I’m planning to keep this blog because I’ve had a lot of people ask to keep in contact with me, teachers wanting me to be pen pals with their class, etc. and I don’t know how much time I’ll have to respond to each individual letter. This way I can keep everyone up to date with my life and also (hopefully) be a useful resource for anyone else who’s going to be spending their exchange year in Romania.

My mom went to Finland her junior year, I follow her footsteps to Europe. After high school I’m taking a gap year I’m going to save all my money and buy a plane ticket to somewhere. Everyone I know thinks I’m insane because I’m smart and I’m not going to college, at least right away.

I like adventures and cats and tea. Welcome to the mess, this is gonna be fun~


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