a late blog update, holidays, and the wonder that is personal philosophy

first of all, I want to say I’m sorry this is coming so late. I’ve recently been battling a bit of homesickness…not fun but, you know, it happens to the best of us. sometimes just the thought of something familiar can be really really comforting.

anyways, continuing the theme that is pictures of animals, here is one of my three cats on top of the refrigerator. (he came down immediately once offered food.)


the American dollar is now worth four lei (the currency of Romania) which makes math way easier than the previous value of 3.8 lei. personally, I feel as though this is worth celebrating. less complicated math!

also, fun fact: the singular of lei is leu, which means lion. I think that’s kind of awesome, personally.


the first of March here is a holiday! originally, as I understand, men tied red and white strings to trees and the first woman to untie one would be married to the man, or something like that. now it’s mostly about giving back to the women in your life, which I think is pretty cool.



and, as promised, a look into personal philosophy.

earlier today, I read this article about someone’s personal philosophy. if you take the time to read it (it’s a bit long), maybe it’ll instill a sense of wonder in you. (it kind of did for me…)

whether or not you read it and come away agreeing with a lot of it (or thinking it’s a pile of garbage) it’s always interesting to look into how other people view the world. if exchange has taught me anything, it’s this strange duality of humanity: while we may all be very different in a litany of ways (culturally, how we react to things, how we view situations), we are also all remarkably similar.


dogs sleeping, my lovely diary, and the life


This dog is named Aki and whenever I come home and he’s outside he comes running up to me and gets really really excited and tries to follow me into the house. (He’s the neighbor’s dog.) He also makes a lot of weird noises when he sleeps.

IMG_0604  IMG_0606

I went on a snowman building adventure with some friends. love winter (:

IMG_0610 IMG_0611

this is what I do when I accidentally show up almost an hour early to meet some friends.

IMG_0615 IMG_0616

these are just some pictures I took on the walk between my school and another one to meet a friend.

a brief overview of the local scenery

I’m in love with this country–sometimes I think I know this city like the back of my hand by now, that I’ve seen all there is to see here, and then I take a new path to get somewhere and look around and fall in love all over again.





there’s a path over a hill that leads through the woods to this incredible view. is it even possible not to love that?